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Unfortunately, in the previous working conditions of favela designers and dressmakers, eco-friendly was not an option.

But now it is.

everything is reused.


The fabric left over from making the garments is reused for packaging.

Perfect harmony between fashion and environment

Every year millions of garments are discarded, generating a critical increase in the level of landfilling and pollution on our planet.

Industries with an enormous impact on the environment (such as the textile industry) should substantially reduce their amount of waste discarded in landfills to preventing from passing it on to future generations.


Amni® Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable yarn in the world

Amni® Soul Eco, the world’s first biodegradable yarn, has an enhanced polyamide 6.6 formula allowing clothes to quickly decompose after being properly discarded. This technology keeps the durability and quality of the garments while still offering the polyamide fiber benefits (soft touch, comfort, easy care, etc.)

Degrading in around three years*, the Amni® Soul Eco solution decomposes ten times faster than conventional polyamides making fashion truly eco-sustainable.

Ultimately, this enhances landfills productivity waste by a degradation rate and then directly promotes the conservation of green areas.


Benefits for the planet, benefits for all:

  • Eco-Friendly production: Recycling of process water and treatment of greenhouse gases.

  • Flexible processing: A unique opportunity to create high-quality products in all segments of the textile industry.

  • Waste management: Degrades 10x faster than conventional polyamides. It is also 100% recyclable and reusable.

  • Biodegradability: Drastically reduces the decomposition time of polyamides clothes in the landfill.

  • Energy Efficiency: Cotton consumes more energy than polyester.

  • Fresh water availability: Cotton consumes more water than polyester.


*Under appropriate conditions. The process can last up to 5 years in anaerobic environments.

What is LYCRA® EcoMade?

LYCRA® EcoMade is an elastane/spandex fibre made with pre-consumer recycled materials. It offers the same lasting comfort and fit as the original LYCRA® fibre.


What are the benefits of LYCRA® EcoMade fabrics?

LYCRA® EcoMade is a more sustainable option for stretch fabrics that reduce carbon footprint and waste.

  • Same unique performance as Lycra® fibre

  • Comfort and freedom of movement

  • Fit with circular economy

  • Enhanced sustainability

  • Reducing waste for a more circular system

Responsible production process

LYCRA® fibre waste is collected and blended with virgin fibre at specific concentrations, resulting in a stretch denim that contains pre-consumer waste.


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